%0 Journal Article %T Sales force modeling: State of the field and research agenda %A Mantrala, Murali K. %A Albers, Sönke %A Caldieraro, Fabio %A Jensen, Ove %A Joseph, Kissan %A Krafft, Manfred %A Narasimhan, Chakravarthi %A Gopalakrishna, Srinath %A Zoltners, Andris %A Lal, Rajiv %D 2010 %J Marketing Letters %@ 0923-0645 %N 3 %V 21 %P 255–272 %! Mantrala, Albers et al. 2010 – Sales force modeling %R 10.1007/s11002-010-9111-4 %X Inspired by Erin Anderson’s contributions to sales force research, this paper focuses on research that utilizes quantitative models to investigate important questions in sales force management. The purpose is to summarize several significant developments in knowledge over the last 40 years and identify major opportunities for impactful theoretical, empirical, and decision model-based research in the future. %~ EndNote Tagged Import Format