FN ISI Export Format VR 1.0 PT J TI Efficient waste management in construction logistics: a refurbishment case study AF Tischer, André Besiou, Maria Graubner, Carl-Alexander AU Tischer, A Besiou, M Graubner, C SO Logistics Research BP 1-13 PY 2013 DE Construction logistics;Waste management;Efficiency;Case study research AB Large-scaled construction projects with their complex logistical processes of transport, handling and storage material to site, on site and from site bear significant environmental impacts. Such impacts include use of land, production of waste and emissions. In this paper, we investigate—by using a case study approach—how a well-planed implemented material management can affect efficiency in construction logistics focusing on logistics of disposal. The motivation behind this research is to examine the ecological and economic impact of construction logistics on waste management on site, when construction logistics is planned and determined in the early planning phase of a refurbishment project. We find that the implementation of a waste management plan can reduce environmental impacts, specifically increasing the efficiency of logistics of disposal by approximately 9 %, but it is associated with higher costs. The findings gained from this single case study research lead to case-study-specific recommendations for practitioners and regulators in the construction logistics area. DI 10.1007/s12159-013-0105-5 ER