%0 Journal Article %T The New Rules For Crisis Management %A Hunter, Mark Lee %A Van Wassenhove, Luk N. %A Besiou, Maria %D 2016 %J MIT Sloan Management Review %@ 1532-9194 %N 4 %V 57 %P 71–78 %U http://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/the-new-rules-for-crisis-management/ %! Hunter, Van Wassenhove et al. 2016 – The New Rules For Crisis %X The article focuses on the approach for crisis management rules in mass media industry in the U.S. Topics discussed include downsized of journalists in the U.S. and Great Britain since 2000, deployment of channels such as user forums and social media platforms like Facebook, and action taken by stakeholders to leverage key assets including frontline information, news channels, and ability to determine when and how a crisis ends.