%0 Journal Article %T Two facets of pride and helping %A Brosi, Prisca %A Spörrle, Matthias %A Welpe, Isabell M. %A Shaw, Jason D. %D 2016 %J Journal of Managerial Psychology %N 5 %V 31 %P 976–988 %! Brosi, Spörrle et al. 2016 – Two facets of pride %R 10.1108/JMP-05-2015-0186 %X Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the influence of two different facets of pride – authentic and hubristic – on helping. Design/methodology/approach – Hypotheses were tested combining an experimental vignette study (n=75) with correlational field research (n=184). Findings – Results reveal that hubristic pride is associated with lower levels of intended helping compared with authentic pride when experimentally induced; further, trait hubristic pride is negatively related with helping, whereas trait authentic pride is positively related to helping, while controlling for alternative affective and cognitive explanations. Research limitations/implications – The use of vignettes and self-reports limits the ecological validity of the results. But when considered in combination, results provide important indications on how helping can be fostered in organizations: by emphasizing successes and the efforts that were necessary to achieve them. Originality/value – The results highlight the differential effects of discrete emotions in organizations. %~ BibTeX