% This file was created with Citavi @misc{VanWassenhove.2011, abstract = {This case examines how the European pharmaceutical company Tibotec, part of J{\&}J, engaged in a partnership with the International HIV / AIDS Alliance, an established NGO in Uganda. The case presents the learning that arises from this partnership, both for the private company and for the NGO. Learning objectives: 1. To provide an illustration of a European company looking to develop partnerships on the African continent. 2. The challenges involved when a private company exposes itself to the uncertain NGO world. 3. What both parties learn from the experience. https://www.thecasecentre.org/main/products/view?id=100800}, author = {{Van Wassenhove}, Luk N. and Balaisyte, Jurgita and Besiou, Maria}, year = {2011}, title = {TIBOTEC: Partnership with HIV/AIDS alliance in Uganda: Working together for development}, address = {Fontainebleau}, institution = {INSEAD} }