%0 Journal Article %T Editorial: Well Documented Articles Achieve More Impact %A Albers, Sönke %D 2009 %J Business Research %@ 1866-8658 %N 1 %V 2 %P 8–9 %! Albers 2009 – Editorial: Well Documented Articles Achieve %R 10.1007/BF03343526 %X This issue offers for the first time supplementary material to articles. It consists of Excel files providing data the research is based on, calculation sheets, and optimization tools. Moreover, text files with pseudo code of algorithms and data of instances used for testing these algorithms as well as a video file with a demonstration of the use of a system in experiments are supplied for download. This material facilitates the understanding of the published articles and the replication of their findings to the benefit of scientific progress. And last but not least, such well documented articles will achieve much more impact.