%0 Journal Article %T What customer information should companies use for customer relationship management? Practical insights from empirical research %A Reimer, Kerstin %A Becker, Jan U. %D 2015 %J Management Review Quarterly %N 3 %V 65 %P 149–182 %! Reimer, Becker 2015 – What customer information should companies %R 10.1007/s11301-014-0110-z %X For the past decade, customer relationship management (CRM) has been one of the priorities in marketing research and practice. Hence, many companies have invested heavily in CRM systems that, unfortunately, did not meet their expectations. Because such shortcomings may have resulted from unrealistic expectations as well as inappropriate data input, this study provides insights into what companies may expect from CRM and what data they should use. Across the phases of the CRM process, the authors show which CRM objectives have been considered and which customer data have proven to be applicable in the empirical CRM literature. The results indicate that despite differences with respect to influence, a variety of customer data can be used to analyze CRM objectives throughout the entire customer life cycle. Overall, the study provides researchers with a comprehensive review of the empirical research on CRM and offers practitioners insights on the scope of CRM analyses and the applicability of customer data for CRM.