FN ISI Export Format VR 1.0 PT J TI Closed-Loop Supply Chains for Photovoltaic Panels: A Case-Based Approach AF Besiou, Maria Van Wassenhove, Luk N. AU Besiou, M Van Wassenhove, LN SO Journal of Industrial Ecology SN 1530-9290 VL 20 BP 929 EP 937 PY 2016 AB Photovoltaic (PV) waste is expected to significantly increase. However, legislation on producer responsibility for the collection and recovery of PV panels is limited to the European Union (EU) Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive Recast, which lays down design, collection, and recovery measures. Academic knowledge of closed-loop supply chains (CLSCs) for PV panels is scarce. We analyze the supply chain using multiple cases involving the main stakeholders in the design, production, collection, and recovery of PV panels. Our article answers two research questions: How does the PV supply chain operate, and what are critical factors affecting the reverse supply chain management of used panels? Our research seeks to fill the gap in the CLSC literature on PV panels, as well as to identify barriers and enablers for PV panel design, collection, and recycling. DI 10.1111/jiec.12297 ER