%0 Journal Article %T Die Wertschöpfungskette des Handels im Zeitalter des Electronic Commerce %A Albers, Sönke %A Peters, Kay %D 1997 %J Marketing - Zeitschrift für Forschung und Praxis %@ 0344-1369 %N 2 %V 19 %P 69-80 %! Albers, Peters 1997 – Die Wertschöpfungskette des Handels %X Ten years ago Albers/Peters (1997) analyzed the impact of eCommerce on the retail value chain. Since then major change has taken place. Apart from the expected unbundling of several retail activities along the value chain, especially the consumer buying process has been taken online and increasingly supported by new infomediaries. Those new infomediaries have taken the retailer's traditional ground. New technologies, applications and a changing consumer behavior will confront today's market players, infomediaries as well as offline-, online- and multichannelretailers, with even bigger challenges. %K Handelsunternehmen %K Umsatz %K elektronischer Handel %K Internet %K Verbraucher %K Trend (Entwicklung) %K Usa (United States Of America) %K Deutschland %K Menschliches Verhalten %K Marketing %K Www (World Wide Web) %~ BEFO (C) WTI Frankfurt