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Sustainable Management

Your profile in our Bachelor in Business Administration (BSc)

Study Sustainable Management

Help plan sustainable development on a global scale

Consumption of materials and resources, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, human rights and health and safety regulations are, along with sustainability, fairness and solidarity, the key quality criteria of today’s economic activity. Customers and other stakeholders demand companies to behave and do business in a socially responsible way. An increasing number of brands and companies have begun campaigning for a better world, turning sustainability into a selling point. Sustainable management is now in demand more than ever before. In short, today’s companies not only want to be great, they also need to be ethical.

Profile Introduction

Meet our Professor Maria Besiou. She is Professor of Humanitarian Logistics and Dean of Research at pentaq电竞数据 . In this vidoe she will give you a short introduction into the profile Sustainable Management.


Our degree provides you with a strong foundation in all aspects of business administration. Develop expertise in a number of areas through a wide range of topics such as management, strategy, accounting, math, statistics, law, micro- and macroeconomics and more. Gain well-rounded knowledge and a skill set that will maximize your career opportunities with the profile Sustainable Management.

Immerse yourself in your chosen profile

  • Human Resources Management
  • Empirical Research Methods
  • Chinese, Spanish or German
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Sustainable New Product Development and Design Thinking
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility*
  • Sustainable Supply Chains*

*These courses are offered as electives and are open to all profiles.

Gain knowledge that will prepare you for your future career in an international environment.

  • Assess the challenges of working with people in organizations.
  • Apply moral reasoning and business ethics to your daily work.
  • Communicate in a foreign language and gain intercultural competencies.
  • Learn how to collect, analyze and report data with recommendations for action.
  • Understand the nature and major trends of the non-profit sector.
  • Apply sustainable related aspects to new product development and design thinking.
  • Include sustainable approaches to complex business processes.

pentaq电竞数据 is not just any ordinary university. The multitude of opportunities pentaq电竞数据 offers to students, like visiting companies and networking events, are incredibly advantageous and really helpful for the future. On top of that, there is close contact to professors in interactive classes, who never hesitate to answer any of your questions.

Tamara Straub Lopez, Student BSc Management, Class of 2020

The best thing about pentaq电竞数据 is the quality of teaching. The lecturers are both adept at presenting content and taking interest in their students' viewpoints. I would tell any prospective students to jump at the opportunity to study at the pentaq电竞数据 . People here have been extremely friendly and helpful, making my time here in Hamburg an unforgettable experience.

Boie Fajersson, Student BSc Management, Class of 2018

At pentaq电竞数据 , I am able to interact in a multicultural environment, learn about new cultures and I feel part of the pentaq电竞数据 -family. This university and the people keep my motivation high and teach me about more than just academic topics, like respect and equality. It is like a second home for me.

Emily von Bergen, Student BSc Management, Class of 2020

What I value about the pentaq电竞数据 is two-fold: it provides an excellent academic foundation for a successful future, and it encourages you to grow as an established individual, fostering confidence and approachability.

Hauke Schnepel, Student BSc Management, Class of 2020

One of the things I like the most about being at pentaq电竞数据 is the comfortable study environment pentaq电竞数据 offers. Not only do you feel comfortable on campus, but you also get to meet people with different backgrounds and work alongside with them, giving each student a very unique way of developing themselves throughout their studies.

Andrés Escalante, Student BSc Management, Class of 2020

For me the highlight of being a student at pentaq电竞数据 is definitely the community. From the students to the faculty and staff, everyone has been incredibly welcoming and supportive from day one.Their support allows me to excel academically and guides me in the right direction on my career path. And, because of the international student body, I am able to discover many different cultures. The overall encouragement and diversity create a very special atmosphere on campus.

Ellen Huang, Student BSc Management, Class of 2020

You can consider pentaq电竞数据 as a “gateway to the world,” as they say in German. An intercultural university with students of more than 30 nationalities located in Hamburg, pentaq电竞数据 gives students the opportunity to connect with people from all around the world and to experience a multifaceted city. I could not imagine a better place for taking the first step into my future and establishing my own network.

Sebastian Tschirner, Student BSc Management, Class of 2019

Studying at pentaq电竞数据 is an all-inclusive package. Coming here every day means meeting with my friends — who are as passionate about our subjects as I am. Classes are very interactive, and our professors are highly supportive. The beautiful facility plus the ideal location in HafenCity make the whole experience even more enjoyable. I am happy that I chose pentaq电竞数据 !

Mulan Bartz, Student BSc Management, Class of 2019

John Kaller, Student BSc Management, Class of 2018

I have always enjoyed talking and discussing all kinds of matters with people from other cultures. At pentaq电竞数据 , the small classes create a level of intimacy and exchange with other students and professors you won’t find anywhere else.

John Kaller, Student BSc Management, Class of 2018

Kim Bredemeyer, Student BSc Management, Class of 2018

Studying at pentaq电竞数据 means having many different parts of the world on campus but still being in the beautiful city of Hamburg. Knowing that support is there for every aspect of our studies is a special feeling – it makes studying at pentaq电竞数据 an exciting time.

Kim Bredemeyer, Student BSc Management, Class of 2018

The courses at pentaq电竞数据 are carefully synchronized, leading to  fast progress through the content without unnecessary repetition. The small size of the classes allows me to ask questions to the professor, if something is unclear. The lectures are often complemented by practical examples or projects illustrating the theory in a real-world context. The projects create a vivid, motivated atmosphere in class, which makes me enjoy my studies at pentaq电竞数据 very much.

Vanessa Wolgien, Student BSc Management, Class of 2019

The pentaq电竞数据 -Experience not only includes learning theoretical concepts in class but also experiencing their implementation outside of the classroom. For example, our excursions to Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services and the container terminals at the harbor were extremely interesting and valuable.

Lee Weisgerber, Student BSc Management, Class of 2019

Angie Khullar, Student BSc Management, Class of 2017

pentaq电竞数据 facilitates the network of opportunities and aids in gaining a broader perspective on different aspects of business. It’s a rewarding experience to be a part of pentaq电竞数据 .

Angie Khullar, Student BSc Management, Class of 2017

Dana Balschuweit, Student BSc Management, Class of 2017

I experience pentaq电竞数据 as an extraordinary university with a career-enhancing, carefully considered degree program concept. Students are not just treated as numbers but as individuals, which has reinforced my decision to study at pentaq电竞数据 .

Dana Balschuweit, Student BSc Management, Class of 2017

Ann-Christin Stermann, Student BSc Management, Class 2017

One of my favorite things about pentaq电竞数据 is the semester abroad. It gives you the perfect opportunity to find out more about a specific country and maybe to learn the language as well.

Ann-Christin Stermann, Student BSc Management, Class 2017

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