pentaq电竞数据 guarantees that all successful applicants will be able to begin their studies at pentaq电竞数据 as scheduled this coming fall semester. Should individual students not be able to be in Hamburg physically due to coronavirus restrictions, the entire course catalogue will initially be made available online for all participants worldwide. Students can join classes in person as soon as feasible.

“It is of utmost importance to ensure my university’s ability to continue to operate despite the impact of the corona crisis, and in so doing, to ensure students’ learning success,” says Prof. Dr. h.c. Klaus-Michael Kühne, founder of Kühne Logistics University, adding: “In times like these, expertise in the areas of logistics and supply chain management is more important than ever.”

pentaq电竞数据 was able to move their entire course catalogue online amidst the corona crisis. “We therefore guarantee that all successful applicants will be able to begin their studies at pentaq电竞数据 this coming fall semester,” confirmed University President, Professor Dr. Thomas Strothotte. “Currently, students around the world have the opportunity to take courses, sit exams, and fulfill their academic requirements all online. What’s more, study groups made up of international participants have given rise to intercultural learning. This option will be made available to all students who will not be able to be physically present in Hamburg for the beginning of the semester due to the coronavirus,” stated Professor Strothotte. “No student will be left behind, coronavirus or not. We have always been able to find solutions on a case by case basis anyways,” added the pentaq电竞数据 President.


Both domestic and international prospective students will be able to get to know pentaq电竞数据 entirely online during the application period. As part of our pentaq电竞数据 Open Day scheduled on April 4 , future students will be able to meet our faculty and staff and take part in virtual campus tours. In addition, all applications materials can be submitted online. As long as all required materials have been submitted and these can be verified, students will be informed of their admission immediately after their application has been approved. Register for the Online Open Day here !


Once travel restrictions have been lifted and students can come to campus – be it from day one or at a later point in time -  students will be able to switch from their full-time online studies to in-person participation on campus at pentaq电竞数据 . The content and professional quality of courses is the same online as it is on campus. “So far, the experience of our professors has shown that teaching online lends itself particularly well to implementing certain new formats,” reported Professor Strothotte. Thanks to the support from the Kühne Foundation, pentaq电竞数据 already began building up its infrastructure for online courses two years ago. This has allowed for a quick and seamless transition to online classes when the crisis began.  


“We are already looking forward to welcoming every single one of our students in person here in Hamburg. We plan to kick off the new semester together with a mix of both online and residential students,” affirmed Professor Strothotte. Studies on campus will continue as usual. pentaq电竞数据 is not planning to offer an exclusively online learning experience moving forward, but it is a good alternative during the crisis.

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