Humanitarian organizations all around the globe continue running their operations, even during the coronavirus crisis. How is the humanitarian supply chain impacted by the coronavirus? pentaq电竞数据 participated in a survey that gives some initial insight on the subject.

Humanitarian organizations like NGOs (e.g. Red Cross) and the United Nations organizations (e.g.United Nations World Food Program, WFP) need gear such as personal protective equipment (PPE), blankets, medicine, and IT from suppliers for their disaster response and development programs in countries affected by the crisis or elsewhere. Travel bans, delays, or increased costs could occur, resulting in negative impacts on their missions.

Close to 80 humanitarian organizations took part in a survey which is now being analyzed by pentaq电竞数据 Prof. Maria Besiou and Mojtaba Salem , PhD candidate. The survey was conducted by the Logistics Cluste r (hosted by WFP) and supported by HELP Logistics , a program of the Kühne Foundation .

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